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Tours, Groups & Courses at Saxa Vord

Simon King

We were delighted to host the Simon King's Shetland Safari in Summer 2011 where 26 guests had the trip of a lifetime.

Simon King"The Shetland Isles are a jewel in the crown of Britain; a true wilderness, with the wildlife to match. From some of the most confiding seabirds in the world, including puffins, to elusive and charismatic creatures like otters and orcas, Shetland offers naturalists the opportunity for some dream encounters. Join me on this exclusive adventure which will offer you the chance to experience the natural wonders of Shetland, first hand, with some of its most knowledgeable guides."
- Simon King

We have a host of other groups and activities at Saxa Vord:

Shetland Nature

Northshots Photogranphy

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