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Shetland Holidays at Saxa Vord Resort, Unst

Self Catering Houses, Hostel, Restaurant and Bar

Shetland holidays - HermanessShetland holidays - see the famous Shetland poniesWe have a range of accommodation options on site from our Nordabrake Self Catering Houses and Shackleton Lodge to our seasonal Sergeants’ Mess Hostel. All are perfect for anyone, and can cater for individuals, couples, families or groups of all shapes and sizes. You will also be able to enjoy the meal of your choice in our seasonal Sergeant’s Mess Restaurant over a pint of Unst’s own Valhalla beer.

Originally Saxa Vord was built as a home-from-home for the families of the RAF personnel that manned the nearby radar station. Its composition and location ensured inclusion with the close-knit community of Unst, and an ideal place to experience and connect with Unst, and the locals. 

At Saxa Vord you will have a Shetland holiday to remember…and a new island home-from-home to return to.

Unst: The Last Great Adventure in Europe!

Unst is the most northerly populated island in Britain, and although small it possesses magnificent scenery, a special culture and an extraordinarily rich natural and cultural heritage. There is so much to discover in Unst, and so much to experience and do:

Vikings enjoying one of Unst's two "Up Helly Aas"But Unst also has something more to offer; something elemental. Wherever you go you will feel the power of natural forces around you and an overwhelming sense of space, freedom and peace. It is a beautiful, unique and welcoming place to visit, read more about Unst, or find out more about booking to stay at Saxa Vord.